We all want to be happy in this life, but is happiness possible without good health? Everything we do in our daily life is connected with physical activities and using our body, especially our spine, to compete one of another task.  When we are healthy, we sometimes do not value our health as much as we should. And only when we start feeling a sort of pain, especially chronic pains, we begin understanding, how valuable important our health is.

Undoubtedly, healthy spine is one of the main assets of good overall health. In our times, more and more people feel back pains and are driven to the specialists who can help them to get rid of those pains. However, until we are forced to do so, most of us feel lazy to do simple exercises for stretching our spine and keeping it healthy. There are easy and useful recommendations, which actually can be put to three main rules on how to keep our spine healthy.

The first one is to rest on a high quality bed. Everyone should be very attentive when choosing a good mattress and a good pillow, taking into account own preferences and other conditions. The second rule is to do regular stretching exercises every single day. In particular, it is very important to start your morning with some easy stretching, cos’ after 8 hours of rest our spine is quite vulnerable. Finally, the third rule means being very attentive with lifting loads. Generally, it can be put to the following: when lifting something heavy, try to keep your spine straight and use your leg muscles, which are strong enough to life up t 30-40 kg of weight.